Release Notes 2023-11-06 to 2023-11-12

November 12, 2023

Enhancements and New Features:

Improved Modal Interaction: To ensure that you don't lose important information by accident, we have enhanced modal interactions within the platform. Now, when you're editing in view mode, modals will remain active until all responses have been received. This change means you won't accidentally close a window and lose unsaved changes or miss error messages that could impact your workflow.

Visual Clarity in Goals Component: We've resolved an issue where elements within the goals component were overlapping, making it difficult to read and interact with your goals. With this fix, you can enjoy a cleaner interface, allowing you to manage your goals more effectively and without any visual distractions.

Expanded KPI Formula Capabilities: Our KPI formula functionality has been expanded beyond just addition operations. You can now utilize a wider range of mathematical operations, enhancing the flexibility and accuracy of your KPI calculations. This update allows for a more comprehensive analysis of your performance metrics.

"View as" Feature on Goals Page: Introducing the "View as" feature, designed to enhance the visibility and sharing capabilities of your goals. You can now view the /goals page as another user or team member, ensuring that you only share what's intended and maintain privacy where needed. This feature is perfect for preparing for meetings, screen sharing sessions, and verifying goal visibility among various teams and users.

Task Count Accuracy: We've refined how tasks assigned to you are counted, ensuring that completed tasks are no longer included in your active task count. This update provides a clearer, more accurate overview of your current workload, allowing you to focus on what's ahead without the clutter of completed tasks.

Other Improvements:

Security Enhancements: As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting your data, this release includes several security improvements. While the specifics are behind the scenes, you can rest assured that your information is safer than ever.

Bug Fixes and Interface Improvements: Alongside our new features, we've squashed some bugs and made several interface improvements. These adjustments contribute to a more stable and pleasant experience as you navigate AmpliFlow.

We're thrilled to announce the latest updates to AmpliFlow, designed to make your workflow smoother, more intuitive, and secure. Our team has been hard at work addressing your feedback and implementing changes that directly improve your daily operations within AmpliFlow. Here's what's new: