Release Notes 2023-07-17 to 2023-07-23

July 23, 2023

We're excited to announce the latest updates to AmpliFlow, focused on enhancing user experience and making your workflow more intuitive and efficient. This week, our team has made significant progress in refining features, improving dashboard functionalities, and ensuring that your KPIs reflect the most accurate data. Here's what's new in AmpliFlow:

Executive Overview

Our latest update brings you a more personalized and streamlined experience in managing improvement forms and KPIs, along with an enhanced permission system for a more secure and controlled environment. We've focused on simplifying processes and providing you with more flexibility and clarity in your performance metrics.

List of Changes

Improved Handling of Archived Improvement Forms: Previously, archiving an improvement form inadvertently excluded it from KPI calculations. We've fixed this. Now, even when you archive an improvement form, it will continue to contribute to your KPIs, ensuring that your performance metrics remain accurate and comprehensive. This change is reflected across the board, including the improvement dashboard, and we've made sure archived forms are properly indicated while maintaining the integrity of your data.

Enhanced KPI Display Options: Understanding and interpreting your KPIs just got easier. You can now customize how your KPI values are displayed: as whole numbers, decimals, percentages, or promilles. This update also includes the ability to specify the number of decimal places, providing you with clearer insights into your performance metrics tailored to your preferences.

Refined Permissions for Improvement Dashboard: To give you better control over who accesses what, we've introduced two new specialized permissions for the Improvement Dashboard: Checklist Report Owner and Checklist Report Viewer. Owners can assign user and team permissions, ensuring that the right people have the right access. Viewers, on the other hand, can access and view all data, keeping everyone informed and aligned.

Standardized Roles for Stakeholders: In our continuous effort to streamline processes and enhance security, standard Owner, Editor, and Viewer roles have been added to Stakeholders. This structured approach ensures a clear delineation of responsibilities and access levels, enhancing collaboration while safeguarding sensitive information.

These updates are a testament to our commitment to improving your experience with AmpliFlow. We're dedicated to providing you with a platform that not only meets your needs but also anticipates them, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: driving improvement and achieving excellence.

Thank you for choosing AmpliFlow. We look forward to supporting your journey towards operational excellence.