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Explore how process mapping can help you comply with ISO standards like ISO 9001 & streamline your business to achieve your goals.
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Why do ISO standards require process mapping?

Process mapping allows you to see your business in a whole new way:
Increased efficiency - Process mapping helps you identify and improve inefficient processes, saving time and resources.
Reducing risks - By mapping and analyzing processes, you can identify and manage potential risks before they become problems.
Customer Satisfaction - Improved processes lead to better products and services, increasing customer satisfaction.

Process Chart - Visualize, analyze and improve your processes

By using process mapping as a tool to create a process chart that visualizes your processes, you can streamline your business, reduce risk, and ensure that your business achieves its goals successfully.

Visualize processes

Process maps provide a clear picture of your company's processes, helping you understand and communicate how different steps and activities are connected.

Identifying risks

By visualizing your processes, you can easily detect and manage potential risks that may affect process performance and company goals.

Manage discrepancies and suggestions for improvement

Process maps make it possible to link deviations and improvement suggestions directly to specific processes, facilitating follow-up and action.

Connect executable routines

Integrate checklists and routines directly into your process maps to ensure that every step of the process is followed correctly and that everyone involved is informed of their responsibilities.

Distribution of responsibilities

Assign responsible people to update and maintain processes, sub-processes, and process steps, ensuring that the right people are engaged and informed about changes and improvements.

Notifications about deviations

Receive automatic alerts when anomalies occur that affect processes you are responsible for, allowing you to quickly take action and improve process performance.

Process Mapping Articles

Tools, information and other resources you need.

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July 18, 2023
Process mapping

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Process mapping

What is Process Mapping in ISO 9001?

Process mapping is a way of clarifying the processes that are important for achieving the company's strategic objectives and is an important part of the work towards certification within ISO 9001
Patrik Björklund
November 3, 2022

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