ISO Audit - Step by Step

Understand how the external audit relates to your management system.
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How it's done


An ISO audit (also known as an external audit) examines your organization's operations and procedures to ensure they meet the requirements of an ISO standard.

This is the final step on your journey towards certification.

Document review and initial meeting

The auditor reviews your organization's documentation to ensure it meets ISO requirements and conducts an initial meeting introducing the company and its responsibilities.

Review of Ongoing Activities

The auditor examines and reviews how your business is organized and operates, focusing on identifying deficiencies in processes, systems, and equipment that could lead to the organization's failure to meet ISO requirements.

Complementary document review and in-depth dive into main processes

The auditor conducts an additional review of documents and focuses on main processes such as business development, marketing, delivery and sales, as well as how the organization manages supporting processes and continuous improvement.

Formulation of deviations, observations and recommendations

After the audit, the auditor formulates discrepancies, observations and recommendations that help the organization improve its processes and systems to meet ISO requirements.

Closing meeting, report writing and reporting of actions

The audit concludes with a meeting where the results are discussed, followed by report writing by the auditor. The organization then reports on implemented direct and corrective actions with the help of its management consultant.

Schedule a meeting to build a management system that goes through an ISO audit

Building a robust and efficient management system can be a time-consuming and complex process. Book an appointment with us today to make it easy and get the right support and guidance to ensure your business is ready for a smooth and successful certification against ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.

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