Make it easy to comply with laws and regulations

Identify and stay up to date on the laws and regulations that affect your particular company - minimize risks and avoid legal problems.

Effective legislative monitoring

Regulatory oversight is critical for any business, regardless of size or industry. With our service, you can be sure that you are always up to date on the laws that apply to you.
Automated legislative monitoring, saving time and resources.
Always be in line with applicable laws and regulations and avoid legal problems and potential fines.
Stay up to date on changes in legislation that affect your business.
All relevant information gathered in one place, integrated with your existing management system.

How it's done


Our advisors identify the laws and regulations that are relevant to your business today.


Our service constantly monitors new and updated laws and regulations.


Our advisors screen and select only what is relevant to your particular business.


We update the law register in AmpliFlow's IT tool where the rest of your management system is already described.


You will receive regular reporting on changes and updates.

Articles on legislative management

Tools, information and other resources you need.
Legislative management

Legislation Management - A Guide for the Management Team

Learn how you as management need to manage legislation and enforcement with this step-by-step guide, including practical tools and methods for ISO standards compliance. ‍
Patrik Björklund
October 23, 2023
Legislative management

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: Regulatory management requirements for quality and environmental management systems

ISO 9001 and 14001 require regulatory management for quality and environmental management systems. Organizations must identify, comply with, and monitor applicable laws and regulations, as well as strive for continuous improvement.
Joakim Stenström
May 15, 2023

AmpliFlow lets you replace 30+ business management tools with 1

Discover how AmpliFlow simplifies management systems by replacing many tools.
Patrik Björklund
April 17, 2024

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