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The management team

What does the management team do?

A management team is a crucial part of successful business management and serves as the heart of an organization. It is the management team that ensures that the company achieves its goals and creates value for both stakeholders and society. Explore the role and responsibilities of the management team, as well as how it is linked to management systems and the success of the business.

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Role and Responsibilities of the Management Team

The main task of the management team is to steer the business towards its goals and vision. This means working with several different areas to ensure that the company develops in a sustainable and efficient way. Here are some of the most important tasks for a management team

Strategy and objectives

The management team is responsible for developing and implementing a strategy that guides the business towards its overall objectives. This means setting and prioritising objectives, and following up and adjusting the strategy as necessary.

Economic Governance

An important part of the management team's responsibility is to ensure that the business has sound financial governance. This means, among other things, being responsible for budgeting, financial reporting and risk management.

Organization and personnel

The management team must ensure that the organization is structured in an efficient way, and that the right competencies are in place. This means that one is responsible for recruitment, skills development and the work environment.

Communication and cooperation

The management team shall promote good internal and external communication. This means ensuring that information is disseminated effectively within the organization, as well as being responsible for building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, customers and partners.

Decision-making and responsibility

The management team is responsible for making important decisions related to the future of the business, as well as delegating responsibility to others in the organization. It is important that the management team is able to make decisions quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that decisions are informed and responsible.

Management System

An effective tool to support the work of the management team is to make use of a management system. A management system provides a structured set of processes, guidelines, and resources used to direct, lead, and control an organization. By using a management system, the management team can ensure that the organization achieves its objectives, complies with laws and regulations, and meets the requirements set by various stakeholders.

ISO certification

The management team plays a critical role in achieving and maintaining ISO certifications according to ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (work environment management). ISO standards impose specific requirements on the management team to ensure that the organization operates efficiently and meets the requirements set forth in the respective standards.

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