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What is a competency matrix?

The competency matrix is more than just a tool - it's your organization's map to success. Here are some of its benefits:
Identifying skills gaps: Find areas where your staff needs more training or support.
Optimize resource usage: Make sure you make the best use of your employees' competencies.
Paving the way for ISO certification: An effective competency matrix helps you meet ISO's competency requirements.

Why a competency matrix?

A competency matrix is not only an effective tool for managing and developing the skills of your staff. It is also a key component of your management system and an important part in your journey towards ISO certification.

Step by step to an effective competency matrix

Identify the necessary competencies

Understand the skills and knowledge required to achieve your organizational goals.

Assess current competencies

Assess the current competencies of your staff to identify any skills gaps.

Develop a training plan

Create a plan to fill any skills gaps through training and professional development.

Implement and follow up

Implement your training plan, track progress and adjust as needed.

Continuously update your competency matrix

Skills needs can change over time. Make sure your competency matrix is always up to date.

Do you need help?

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