Environmental aspects in AmpliFlow - ISO 14001

We'll walk you through everything you need to know about how to improve your organization's environmental performance and create a more sustainable business.

What are environmental aspects?

Environmental aspects are parts of an organization's activities, products, or services that can interact with the environment. Identifying and managing these is a central part of ISO 14001.
Reduces the environmental impact of the company
Complies with legal requirements and strengthens the brand
Continuously increase the company's green efficiency
ISO 14001

Management of Environmental Aspects with ISO 14001

Practical examples of how your organization can improve its environmental performance.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce emissions through energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

Consumption of energy and water

Optimize use through efficiency measures and reuse.

Waste Management and Recycling

Minimize waste by reusing or recycling materials wherever possible.

Use of hazardous chemicals

Replace hazardous substances with environmentally friendly alternatives and ensure proper handling.

Impact on biodiversity

Implement measures to protect and improve local biodiversity.

Noise and light pollution

Reduce interference by implementing noise and light reduction solutions.

Governance of Environmental Aspects - Step by Step

Identify environmental aspects

Map and analyze your business to identify how it affects the environment.

Assess environmental aspects

Assess and prioritize environmental aspects based on their potential impact on the environment and your organization's control over them.

Implement control measures

Develop and implement measures to minimize negative environmental impacts.

Integrate into the management system

Ensure that the management of environmental aspects is an integral part of your organization's management system.

Continually improve

Always strive to improve your environmental performance by setting measurable goals, conducting regular reviews, and identifying and implementing improvement actions.

Do you need help?

We have helped many companies take responsibility for the environment.

Articles on Environmental Aspects

Tools, information and other resources you need.
Environmental aspects

Environmental aspects of ISO 14001 - what is it?

ISO 14001 focuses on reducing the negative environmental impact of organizations by identifying and managing environmental aspects. Implementation includes identification, prioritization, control measures, integration into the management system and continuous improvement.
Patrik Björklund
May 12, 2023

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Discover how AmpliFlow simplifies management systems by replacing many tools.
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April 17, 2024
Environmental Management

ISO 14001: Your key to true sustainability and profitability

ISO 14001 is more than just a “green stamp”. Discover the potential of ISO 14001 certification to support both sustainability and profitability.
Joakim Stenström
July 16, 2023

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