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Easy to lead.

With its long experience in ISO standards, management systems and management consulting, Cognit Consulting AB has developed AmpliFlow - a unique solution that combines IT and business management to promote growth, innovation and efficiency. We are more than just a solution for rules and requirements. We are a catalyst for change and success.
How we think


We are more than a solution for rules and requirements — we are a catalyst for change and success. We dive deep into our customers' operations and offer exciting solutions that promote growth, innovation and efficiency.

We combine IT expertise with insight into business management and industry trends. With user-friendly tools, we help business leaders focus on responsible growth while seamlessly managing regulations and requirements.

As a creative force in the corporate world, we think outside the box and help clients become leaders in their industries. Together, we create a brighter and more sustainable future for businesses, people and the environment by transforming challenges into opportunities.

Focused core business

By simplifying leadership, we help business leaders devote more time and energy to developing and improving the company's products, services and work processes, leading to innovation and better solutions for customers and society at large.

Dedicated employees

When management focuses on the essentials and eliminates unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles, a more open and inclusive corporate culture is created where employees feel engaged and motivated to do their best. This results in better working conditions and an increased quality of life for employees.

Sustainability and responsibility

By streamlining processes for regulations and requirements, companies can easily integrate sustainability and responsibility, optimize environmental impact, improve working conditions, and strengthen local communities. This leads to increased efficiency and profitability with less workload.

Resource efficiency

By providing easier leadership, we can help companies use their resources more efficiently and eliminate unnecessary processes and red tape, leading to reduced resource use and less waste, as well as a more sustainable business.

Increased competitiveness

We help companies adapt more quickly to market changes and offer better products and services, increasing their competitiveness in the global marketplace and contributing to economic growth and job creation.

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